At Performance Goaltending we cover every aspect of goaltender training. If you don’t see what you are looking for please just ask. If we cannot help you we will guide you to someone we know and trust who can.



By far our most sought after service, we work with your goalies during your team practice, which saves everyone money. This is a cost effective way to get regular semi-private training. We work from the blue line to the backboards ensuring minimal interference with the rest of the team practice. We can also incorporate the goalies into team drills and provide instant analysis and feedback. This works very well in conjunction with any “skills” session using a 3rd party instructor.

Strongly recommended with any team session is a game analysis for each goalie. We will come to a game and - depending on the option chosen - we will either videotape the game or take written notes on what we observe.

Observations will be shared with the goalies, parents and the coaching staff as needed. Video will be burned to DVD and analyzed. A copy will be given to the goalie for his or her reference. Future practice objectives and drills will then be developed, ensuring a personalized approach to your goaltenders training.

Also available is the option to have us videotape the entire game for the coaching staff to review. See the Video & Game Analysis link below for information.

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At Performance Goaltending we have taken video analysis to a whole new level. We’ve invested over $10K in high definition video gear to bring you state of the art HD video analysis. Compare what you see from a low end standard definition camera to what a high tech HD camera can do and you will know instantly why we are proud to offer this service.

Allow us to conduct goalie specific [or general team] video reviews and watch the results come alive. We will videotape the game, analyze and edit the footage, create a menu driven DVD and then present it for HD frame-by-frame analysis using an HD projector. Our high tech jog shuttle allows the coaching staff to look frame by frame at any situation. It’s simple and exceptionally effective.

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If you want the ultimate in personal attention then a private lesson is the only way to go. Let us know in advance where you are having problems and we will design a lesson plan to address your needs, your goals, your desires. We can also videotape the session and burn it to DVD for your review.

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If you want a semi-personalized lesson plan, good instructor interaction and need to split costs, then a semi-private lesson could be right for you. We suggest a maximum 2:1 ratio to ensure good personalized attention.  We can also videotape the session and burn it to DVD for your review.

These work great for teams who will not allow a goalie coach onto ‘team ice’ but will provide money for training.

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Mail us your game or practice footage on DVD and we will gladly critique your performance. This user pay service is effective for our clients who like to shoot their own video or for those living outside the GTA.

We will discuss key issues in advance and provide a written analysis of what we see and what you should focus on.

Please be sure to record only the play in the defensive zone. If in doubt about what angle to shoot contact us in advance and we will help you out.

DVD’s will not be mailed back unless a pre-stamped envelope is provided.



We know that many coaches are out of their element when it comes to selecting goalies. We know tryouts are often mass chaos with 60 or 70 kids on the ice. Mix in 10 goalies and what do you have? A recipe for disaster! Let us take care of your goaltender assessments. We are the experts and know what to look for. We will undertake specific, repeatable and quantifiable drills to effectively rank your prospects. References available.

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Ever wonder how your fitness level ranks relative to other goalies your age? Ever question whether you are fit enough, flexible enough, strong enough to move on to the next level? We have partnered with Ben Davis at Hyperfit Hockey ( ) to help answer those very questions. Ben holds a Masters degree in kinesiology and is an expert at testing and ranking athletes. His fully equipped gym is an excellent place to train for goalie specific improvements, using modern training principles and professional feedback.

Goalies have specific training needs and objectives that vary widely from those of skaters. Do not train to be a skater or body builder… train to be a better goalie.

Let us design a custom on-ice / off-ice package to take your game to a higher level.



We cater to groups of up to 24 goalies using well designed and well staffed drill stations. We cap our group lessons at a maximum 3:1 ratio. We will run group sessions for as few as 6 goalies… you supply the goalies and we supply the teaching talent, props, pucks and fun! 

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Performance Goaltending is pleased to provide “vertical training” for your entire organization. Ensuring excellent goaltender training is received at all age levels is our guarantee to you and your organization. Working with us will ensure all your goalies are getting the same message and same training regiment. When they ‘graduate’ to higher levels there are no surprises for your coaching staff. We can even plan a session to help educate your coaches on goalie training, trends and even how to score more effectively.

References available.

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