Video and Game Analysis Details


· Anyone can set a camera on a tripod and shoot some video. But what do you get? On average it’s garbage in, garbage out. We know  - we’ve been there, done that.  Regular consumer level standard definition cameras simply cannot deliver the quality you deserve. You need a great camera and someone using it who understands lighting, angles and what the coaching staff really wants to see. You need to think like a coach to deliver the most effective footage.


· At PG we decided to invest heavily into high definition cameras and related equipment. $10K later we have the tools to make your video analysis come to life. Our main camera has an exceptionally wide field of view for those big overview situations ( eg. regroups, transitions, power plays or penalty kills). It also allows us to zoom in tight to show battles in the corner, face-offs and scrums in front of the net - all with incredible clarity.


· Why is high definition so great? Ask anyone with an HD TV - it’s night and day when compared to standard definition. The resolution is twice as high and the picture is pristine. This means you will be able to clearly see the puck, clearly read the numbers on each players back, clearly see the little details. 


· When players watch HD they really ‘get into it’. They engage, pay attention and are more willing to watch and learn, which is the ultimate objective.


· We use an HD compatible projector linked to an HD compatible laptop to deliver outstanding presentations -  all in high def. We also added a very precise jog shuttle which allows the coach to easily control the video frame-by-frame. It’s very simple to use and it allows the coach to walk through a situation showing the players (or goalie) what they can do differently next time.


· Why shoot great footage and then try and crowd 20 people around a 19” low def TV? Let us present the show for you - we can enlarge the HD picture to cover an entire wall - over 300” diagonally  - bringing life size images into effect. There’s no hiding with our system - every player is front and centre, fully accountable.


· When you want a professional presentation, one capable of holding the attention of your players, parents and coaches, give us a try. For approximately the same investment as one on ice session you get access to these great teaching tools.


Below we see PG Director Dave Wells facilitating a video review with the Toronto Aeros Atom

AA team. Coach Rumsan and Coach Andreoli (background) use laser pointers to show the kids

proper positioning on the ice. Click the link below to see the video we presented.
































Other Video Services Available:


· Upload footage to Youtube and Vimeo HD for widespread sharing.

· High Definition footage burned onto Bluray HD DVD.

· Personal performance videos - great for scouts and for teams that you are trying to solicit for a tryout.


Example Of A Highlight Video


· Below is a link to a highlight video from the Midget AAA game between the Toronto Titans and the Markham Majors.

· Video can be password protected for limited access to your team personnel.





































Example Of A Personal Highlight Video


· Below is a link to a personal highlight video from created for Joseph Pianta, goalie for the Minor Midget AAA Markham Majors.









Toronto Titans vs

Markham Islanders Midget AAA


To watch this video in HIGH DEFINITION click the

VIMEO” button.


Video Analysis Example


To watch this video in HIGH DEFINITION click the

VIMEO” button.


Personal Highlight Video

Joseph Pianta Minor Midget AAA


To watch this video in HIGH DEFINITION click the

VIMEO” button.