Team Practice Details


· We will attend a team practice and work with the goalies from the blue line in.

· We work with the coaching staff to coordinate the lesson plan.

· This works extremely well in conjunction with a ‘skills’ session (eg. power skating instructor). We have worked directly with almost every major skill instructor in the GTA with no difficulties.

· Team packages are available which include a game review of each goalie to properly gauge how they interact with the team and to judge relative skills.

· Personally designed drill plans are then drawn up from this observation, ensuring each goalie targets skills key to their development.

· We solicit feedback from the coaching staff to work on observations they have made.

· We act as an intermediary between the coach and the goalies to ensure important points are made and understood from a goalie perspective.

· We can help educate the coaching staff on new trends in the position and suggest practice drills to help complement our weekly sessions.

· We can help educate parents on how to interact with the coaching staff and their child, as it relates to goaltending.

· We will show the goalies a proper pre-game warm-up.

· We will suggest elements of a proper pre-game on ice warm-up to the coaching staff.

· We will work with the goalies on mental strategies to help keep them motivated and on a level keel.

· As needed, we will draw upon our extensive database to provide articles written by experts. These articles will be given to the goalie to help them through any difficulties they may be experiencing.


·        Team Tip!

             The more time we get to spend with your goalies the more they will learn. Most              coaches feel the need to have a goalie in net for their drills, which we understand.              Instead of taking your goalie away from the training they need, try to bring out a              goalie from a lower level who will be happy to get the extra ice time. That way you              have a ‘target’ and your goalies get the maximum benefit from us.




· Instructor meets with the goalies and coaches prior to stepping on the ice. Discusses any issues or identified trouble areas that need to be addressed. Goalies are asked to identify their main ‘purpose’ for that practice.

· Instructor modifies lesson plan if needed. Lesson plan should be based on objectives derived after having watched the goalies in game situations.

· 5 minutes: Instructor will conduct basic skating skills eg. c-cuts, free skate, long t-pushes, long shuffles.

· 15 minutes: Instructor will conduct technical, position specific save movements including combinations of power t-pushes, butterfly slides, backside slides, crease shuffles and knee shimmies. Proper recovery sequences will be stressed. Provides goalie specific conditioning and positive muscle memory.

· 39 minutes: Specific drills designed to work on noted areas of concern. Will be age specific. Will try to replicate what the goalies actually see during game situations. Might include replicating situations that lead to a goal to demonstrate alternative save techniques. Might include the use of a screen board, car wash screen, defection board or other training tools. Will include multiple skating moves prior to shot release. Usually will include some puckhandling work. Specific emphasis will be given to ice awareness, rebound control and rebound consequences. Might include shots from the team at which point the instructor will remain close to the net to observe and instruct.

· 1 minute: Final check and recap of key concepts. Make sure the goalies do not have any questions. Quick cool down stretch.