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            Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy


Payment terms and cancellation policies are listed below. Our intent is always to work with our clients and to be reasonable. We ask that common courtesy be extended and we will do the same. We want your training dollars to go towards training, not paying for unused ice costs. Unfortunately, several times per year we are hit with situations that directly cause revenue loss or force us to incur fees due to inadequate notice. We must pass these costs back to the client.


Please read the terms below before committing to any training sessions. If you have any questions or concerns we will gladly discuss them in advance, to save all parties concerned any future misunderstandings.

Miscellaneous Payments
We use PayPal as an alternative payment option for our services. We’ve used PayPal for many transactions and found this to be a reliable and secure option for clients wishing to electronically transfer cash or use a credit card. Visa, MasterCard are American Express are accepted.


Please clearly identify the service and goalie name you are paying for.


Payable to:

Dave Wells

(Note: a $25 NSF surcharge will apply on ‘bounced’ cheques)


Private, Semi-Private, Group Training Cancellation Policy

· We do not offer refunds or credit carryovers.

· Once you’ve committed to a session we go ahead and book the ice, book instructors and refuse other revenue opportunities during that timeslot. Cancelling without adequate notice has a cascade effect on many people and causes a lot of hardship. Once the ice is booked we are also required to pay the ice fees, regardless of notice given. This cost will be charged to the client.

· We will do our best to work with you to reschedule sessions, however, we need to protect ourselves from frivolous bookings and commitments.

· If 48 hours notice is given and we do not incur any costs or revenue loss due to your cancellation, we will return your money [net of any administrative costs or fees incurred].


Team Training Payment Policy

· Our underlying intent is to work with the team in the event of any conflicts and cancellations. If we are not out of pocket on expenses (or lost revenue opportunities) we will generally waive any penalties. We simply ask that common courtesy be extended.

· Invoices are payable upon receipt. Invoices will generally be settled during the last week of each month.

· During the first practice an invoice for 50% of the anticipated training sessions will be presented to hold the practice time and dates going forward.

· In the event of inclement weather we expect a phone call notifying us of any cancellations as soon as possible and not later than 2 hours prior to the practice. If we drive to the practice and find it has been cancelled without notification the team will be charged the full practice fee.

· In the event of a normal cancellation we must be notified, preferably by e-mail, at least 48 hours in advance. If we arrive at the arena and find the session cancelled the team will be charged the full practice fee.

· Cheques are payable to “Dave Wells”.