Private Lesson Details


Key Benefits:


· 1:1 goalie to instructor ratio.

· Full attention given to the goalie.

· Highly personalized training - work on what you have identified as problem areas.

· Immediate feedback and correction.

· Perfect opportunity to work in-depth on technical skills and development.

· A chance to have any questions answered in a private environment.

· A chance to showcase your talent to help with future placement.

· Video analysis available upon request.

· Pro, Jr. A and AAA shooters available - $20 extra per shooter.  


Booking Instructions


· Contact us to confirm our schedule & availability.

· Client books and pays for the ice.

· Client confirms the ice booking with us.

· Client and PG discuss lesson plan and objectives.



· Instructor meet with the goalie [and parent(s) if applicable] prior to stepping on the ice. Discusses any issues or identified trouble areas that need to be addressed. Goalies are asked to identify their main ‘purpose’ for that practice.

· Instructor modifies lesson plan if needed. Lesson plan should be based on objectives derived after having watched the goalies in game situations.

· 5 minutes: Instructor will conduct basic skating skills eg. c-cuts, free skate, long t-pushes, long shuffles.

· 15 minutes: Instructor will conduct technical, position specific save movements including combinations of power t-pushes, butterfly slides, backside slides, crease shuffles and knee shimmies. Proper recovery sequences will be stressed. Provides goalie specific conditioning and positive muscle memory.

· 39 minutes: Specific drills designed to work on noted areas of concern. Must be age specific. Must replicate what the goalies actually see during game situations. Might include replicating situations that lead to a goal to demonstrate alternative save techniques. Might include the use of a screen board, car wash screen, defection board or other training tools. Will include multiple skating moves prior to shot release. Usually will include some puckhandling work. Specific emphasis must be given to ice awareness, rebound control and rebound consequences

· 1 minute: Final check and recap of key concepts. Make sure the goalies do not have any questions. Quick cool down stretch.