Assessment and Tryout Details


Key Benefits:


· Using an expert to assess your goaltending talent reduces the risk for your team.

· Allows the coaching staff to receive detailed analysis of the strengths/weaknesses of their potential goalies.

· Allows the coaching staff to stay arms length from the decision and minimizes the perception of ‘politics’.

· Allows the coaching staff to focus on forwards and defensemen.

· Goalies are given professionally designed tests and drills to determine their strength and weaknesses.

· Quantifiable testing is done to show relative scores and results.

· Shows a level of dedication, commitment and professionalism to a roster position that is sometimes neglected.

· We guarantee to show respect and encouragement to all goalies on the ice, regardless of age and ability.

· Still unsure of a goalie? Use us to set up a private lesson. We can book ice and complete a dedicated goaltender training and evaluation session to see what they really can do. Don’t take a chance - be goalie smart!


·        Do you want to be a proactive recruiter?


             Are you looking for a new goalie but don’t have the time or technical expertise to do              the scouting? Call us, we will take care of it for you. We will watch a game or two with              the goalie (s) in question and will provide written feedback about what we see. We              can even arrange a private assessment lesson for an in depth look at key                           fundamentals.


             “Show me a great goalie and I’ll show you a coach who looks like a genius!”